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All About Us

“Anjoman Saffron” with more than 25 years brilliant experience on production and supplying high quality and A1 grade saffron at Qaenat (in Khorasan-Iran), enjoying update know-how in developing technology of corps production while aiming at performance enhancement, promoting the quality level of services and making varieties in packaging of saffron so ultimately make comprehensive efforts to play it’s key role for developing the global saffron market effectively.

The company feel proud and motivated by the fact that production and packaging of saffron has been accomplished by applying know-how of the high skilled staff and proper compatibility of traditional and state of the art methods. In this way, several improvements derived in the field of production and processing of saffron as well as out standing results gained in agricultural procedures and hence for Qaenat and Anjoman Saffron brand too.

About Saffron

Qaenat (in Khorasan - Iran) is the best and greatest production centre of saffron in the world. Suitable climate of Qaenat for planting, irrigation and cultivation of highest quality saffron in the world along with the mild and sunny plains and skirts of the region are appropriate factors for saffron production. One of the exceptional feature of saffron is not only for food usages but also applied in many industries. So for this reason worldwide market of this plant is so prosperous.

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Anjoman Saffron

Our firm, “Anjoman Saffron” from the beginning has made its continuous and tremendous efforts to produce and supply organic, high quality and fresh saffron to the global clients. Meanwhile, the company tries hard to enhance it’s customers knowledge about specified and non-specified aspects of saffron to lead worldwide markets towards honesty in the realms of both production and distribution of the products.

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Product Types

The highest quality of saffron in the world because of special environmental condition, while the water enriched with useful minerals and special agricultural areas in Qaenat, wherein the land of Anjoman Saffron located and it is proud to present the best saffron in various packaging to meet customers’ demands.

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