About us

“Anjoman Saffron” with more than 25 years brilliant experience on production and supplying high quality and A1 grade saffron from Qaenat (in Khorasan-Iran), enjoying update know-how in developing technology of corps production while aiming at performance enhancement, promoting the quality level of services and making varieties in packaging of saffron so ultimately make comprehensive efforts to play it’s key role for developing the global saffron market effectively.

We intend to produce and supply organic (natural) high quality and fresh products for the global clients through making our continuous and tremendous efforts.

Meanwhile, we try hard to enhance our customers knowledge about specified and non-specified aspects of saffron to lead worldwide markets towards honesty in the realms of both production and distribution of the product.

Our company always attempted to supply the best saffron upon the most innovative methods of packaging for food and medicinal usages to meet our customers' trust according to international standards.

Some of certificates we received as our prominent outcomes can be mentioned as: FDA (US food and Drug Administration), HACCP (Hazard Analysis critical control point) and Iso 9001: 2000.......

Why choose us?

  • 1.

    High Quality Implementation

    The company feel proud and motivated by the fact that production and packaging of saffron has been accomplished by applying know-how of our high skilled staff and proper compatibility of traditional and state of the art methods. In this way, several improvements derived in the field of production and processing of saffron as well as outstanding results gained in agricultural procedures and hence for the region and Anjoman Saffron brand too.

  • 2.

    High Quality of Products

    We are proud to plant saffron organically upon international standards so through supplying value-added products succeeded to make facilities for export the high quality saffron to the global markets and promoting the trustworthy products of Qaenat globally.
    It must be mentioned that for increasing the production quality and standard level of saffron we attempted to meet hygiene regulations and international standards in the whole process from harvesting to processing, yield and packaging through processing saloons and quality control labs. For this reason we hold and implemented such international standards as HACCP (quality management system) and FDA (US Food and drug administration).

  • 3.

    High Quality of Packaging

    All of material applied in packaging of the products such as polystyrene Granules are upon FDA standards while the process of drying and preparation implemented by electrical heaters installed in the silos of injection equipment herein after preparation hydraulically move in the special moulds with various shape and size then via cold water injection around the mould, the final product will be cooled down and the process, which is the most standardised procedures of packaging by our experts, shall be ready to supply to the markets.


Great products, excellent package and superb services! Love the reliability and the friendly service of everyone, especially Maryam. Thank you all from Mandra..

Savina Athan

Mandra, Cyprus

Anjoman Saffron is one of our favorite products in our company's product list. High quality, nice packaging and reasonable price ..

Batuhan Can

MarMar, Turkey

I do love Saffron and I do trust Anjoman Saffron quality. Their staff are incredibly helpful and usually they have everything I want and more. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and obviously love their work.

Donna Thomson

Food Network, UK

Thank you so much for your excellent products. It is first class ... perfect! Would definitely recommend.

James Moss